Aaron Allen

Aaron live Besides his work on the Brian Tankersley DVD, Aaron began testing the ASIO for Paris multi I/O drivers in April of 2002 with Matt Craig. In addition Aaron has also done work with the Skunkworks team for beta plugs and DriverXp drivers, and helped with the ClassA Amp Sim refinements Mike Audet created in early 2008. Aaron still does occasional work with Tisway Productions on call with his artists on roster.

As of April 2008, Aaron has 4 EDS cards, 3 MEC's, 2 IF-2's and is running Paris on Windows XP. He also contributed a 'how to' guide for repairing a Control Suface (Cs16) encoder failure, common to the Cs16 interface control.

Aaron has been a Paris user/contributor since 2000 when he bought his first rig after seeing the one Mark McCurdy was using and being impressed by its capabilities and sound.

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