Troubleshooting PARIS by Error and Error Code

Got an error message staring you in the face on your PARIS computer right now, with unsaved critical work at risk in an open project? BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE, try this: alt-tab to the Project Window, ctrl-shift-S to save your project under a new name.

Feel free to add to the list, or insert additional observations or corrections to specific entries.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This list of "bug" reports relates to both stock installations of PARIS and installations with new drivers. Some are relevant to issues in the application, some upon closer inspection have been traced to driver issues (and in many cases fixed or lessened), and some are OS issues (for example, the "too many files open" issue on Mac OS before 9 - not a bug, just a limitation of the OS) or even simple user errors. It doesn't matter - if they can pop up and mess with your workflow, they're in here. The bugs marked with a red asterisk (*) have now been resolved by Mike Audet's new drivers, which are available for purchase at a modest fee at his website.

Putting PARIS PC in debug mode on initialization

PARIS can generate a text file of debug information that can be extremely useful in troubleshooting.

  1. Right click on PARIS app icon to get menu
  2. Click with left button on open, but don't let go
  3. Hold down control and alt
  4. Let go (launch)
  5. Keep holding alt/control until you see the window at the bottom of the screen
  6. After you reproduce the problem, quit PARIS
  7. Look for a newly created text file named "AppMessages.txt" in the PARIS application folder
  8. Open and read in any text editor

- contributed by Aaron Allen

The "Known Bug" Codex

The Error Code Compendium Project

An initiative to compile all reported PARIS error codes, their causes, and (where possible) their workarounds

  • Mac users - start here!
  • Hard Freeze when recording
  • Saving with Loop Mode engaged
  • Error 1/1
  • Error 2/2
  • Error 7/7
  • Error 18/12
  • Error 38/26
  • _tptQueProject: Error in queuing project
  • Error in Reading Project code:1879048221/7000001d
  • Error in reading project. Error code 1879048223/7000001f
  • Error in unque of Project Error code 1879048234/7000002a
  • error in playback 1879048195/70000003
  • Error Code 1879048225/70000021
  • Error in Reading Project code:1879048226/70000022
  • _itptQueProject:Error in queuing project:Error Code: 1879048233/70000029
  • _itptQueProject:Error in queuing project:Error Code: 1879048233/70000029 on Mac OS
  • _tpt QueProject Error in setting direction: Error code 1879048261/70000045
  • MIDI Errors
  • ***ASSERTION FAILED: aUtilities. c:231 cp!=NULL.
  • ASSERTION FAILED: aGDIWin.c:376 cp
  • Assertion failed; File Cache.c:439offset>=0&&offset<p->count
  • Assertion failed file cache c 441 offset = 0 && offset <p> count"
  • ***ASSERTION FAILED: aGDIWin.c:483 cp->theWindow!=NULL
  • agSetClip: can not nest agSetClip() in win32
  • Error in recalculating SubMix data, the file could not be found
  • Further Submix Updating Errors
  • Streaming Errors
  • "Data could not be streamed fast enough"
  • 1011/3f3
  • 63/3f
  • Error in establishing insert: 30/1e.
  • C000005 Error code
  • Error in initialization; Paris Engine. Error code -43/ffffffd5
  • Your EDS cards are not setup correctly and playback may not be correct
  • File Overview Errors
  • "The application has failed to start because StockFX.ini was not found..."
  • "Unhandled Exception: c0000005 At address: 0048c425"
  • "Unhandled Exception: c0000005 At address: 04b5d520"
  • "Unhandled Exception: c0000005 At address: 005f7df3""
  • during the Paris engine's initialization of VST effects: "error in initializing Paris Engine. An unexpected engine error occured"
  • "error in reading project...error code 61448 / f008"
  • "error in rendering to disk...error code 61448 / f008"
  • "error rendering track to disk...error code 61449 / f009"

  • COMING SOON - PARIS Hardware Maintenance - A Guide to the Do-It-Yourself-er

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