Essential Keyboard Commands for PC PARIS

(Mac equivalents are here)

Selecting Tools In the Editor Window
ToolKeystroke to select
Selector Toolshift - 1
Time Locked Selector Toolshift - 2
More View (dragging hand) toolshift - 3
Zoom Toolshift - 4
Audition Toolshift - 5
Split/Join Toolshift - 6
Dynamic Time Compress/Expand Toolshift - 7
Go back to last tool usedpress same command again
Cycle through toolstab

Editor Window Operations (PC)
Go to beginningHome
Go to endEnd
Jump to Now LineHome
Go to first trackshift - Ctrl - Home
Go To Last Trackshift - ctrl - End
Undoctrl - Z
Redoshift - ctrl -Z
Copyctrl - C
Pastectrl - V
Paste at timelineshift - ctrl - V
Paste Multiplectrl - L

(Mac equivalents are here)

Editor window - mouse/keyboard actions and shortcuts
ActionMouse action/keystroke
Select all objects in a track (or flextrack in Freeform Mode)Click track/flextrack number
Add or subtract item to/from selectionshift-click
Add or subtract item(s) to/from selectionShift-drag
Set an object's instrument assignmentshift - 4
Copy ObjectHold right mouse button and drag
Zoom in/outPage Up/Page Down
Zoom waveform height up/downShift-Page Up/Down
Start/Pause/Resume playbackspacebar
Record/stop recordingshift-spacebar
During play: return to zero, and start playbackReturn
Jump to Now Line positioncontrol-Home
Add fade to beginning/end of objectDrag crossfade handle on object
Add fade to beginning/end of object *without changing object length*option-drag crossfade handle on object
Step forwards/backwards through track, one object at a timeLeft - or - right-click the blue "Data Present" LED in track header
Move to first object in trackShift - right mouseclick blue "Data Present" LED in track header
Move to first/last object in trackshift-right/left click blue "Data Present" LED in track header
Begin play from any positionright-mouseclick in Ruler at bottom
Snap Now Line to grid linesshift-drag in Ruler at bottom
Split selected object(s) at grid lineShift-click with "Split Object" tool
Split selected object(s) at every grid lineShift-drag with "Split Object" tool

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