Statement Of Purpose:

While browsing available PARIS resources online recently, I came across web pages with PARIS links where fully half the links were dead. I realized the information is gradually going dark, and resolved to find a method to assemble the remaining info in one crosslinked location. This happened to coincide with a notice from my hosting service that they now supported creating your own Wiki site; voila, the PARIS Wiki was born.

It would be my hope that this Wiki will evolve over time to become an online reference tool that will permit users to organize insights, tips, troubleshooting and "best practices" for the remaining enthusiasts, and (considering the "bang for buck" used PARS rigs deliver) perhaps even new converts. The intended purpose includes things like: assembling all known error codes and messages for PARIS into one immediately searchable database (including whatever is known or speculated about their causes, and known workarounds); exchanging "best practices" for workflow; answering FAQs such as "how to configure a new PARIS install on XP" or "how to use the patchbay to make a talkback setup" one time, in one place, as accurately and as definitively as possible.


The PARISwiki is a private "labour of love" user initiative, operated by aficionados of the PARIS DAW. It is run on donated bandwidth and server space and derives no revenues from either advertising or sponsorship. It is not associated in any way with PARIS' former manufacturers Ensoniq or its heirs, nor with Intelligent Devices, former makers of PARIS software. All trademarks remain the property of their respective owners, and all information cited here is either 1) used with permission, 2) believed in good faith to be in the public domain, or 3) cited for non-profit educational purposes under the doctrine of "Fair Use"; please contact the site administrator if you feel any material should be removed. The site administrator reserves the right to edit to maintain standards of substance, style and format. Malicious deletion of material, insertion of false or defamatory material, or links to illegal or offensive material, may be treated as "hacking" and reported to authorities. "Hacking" is pursued as serious crime.

Important: most of the things discussed on this Wiki are user generated data rather than official pronouncements. While they represent the best information the community has available, the administrators on this site are not responsible for harm you cause to yourself, to others, or to your equipment through following or misusing tips found on this site; use all information found here at your own risk. here to return to the PARISwiki homepage...

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