Operating a Studio using PARIS as your Mixer/Patchbay

One of PARIS' great strengths is its extraordinarily low inherent latency. Because of this, a properly configured PARIS rig can minimize the need for an external patchbay or mixer. Here are some tips to help you configure PARIS for most effective use as the mixing and patching center of your studio.

So what constitutes "a studio" nowadays? And who is the operator? Once not too long ago if you were at all serious about its use the term "studio" would have meant at the very least one main tracking room and control room with several smaller booths and workspaces. The operator would probably have been "an engineer". Today the operator is often producer, engineer, arranger, performer, general content creator, caterer and studio "gofer", and the "studio" is quite simply "where you get your work done". PARIS can have a prominent place in that process.

Brian's great tip can minimize one use of a patchbay by eliminating an annoyance involved in patching equipment to PARIS inputs - "how do I monitor the patched equipment without needing to be in 'record enable'"?

Live Monitor and Record at the Same Time:
(originally contributed by Brian Tankersley)

External. Then put all of the [relevant] individual External inserts in Bypass. You
should save the ppj that way. This assumes you don't use 4 EDS inserts
at once.
Mixer, in the Patchbay, patch it to both the Mixer and also to the
Insert Return (top row) of the Insert Block. So any Input patch goes to
the both the Mixer in and the Insert return of the same channel. i.e.,
MEC Input 1 goes to Mixer Input 1 *and* Insert 1 Return (top row).
each Insert Send (bottom row) to another point. If you don't use
external FX returns, you could just patch all 16 Insert Sends to the FX
Returns (top row). Or use some of the MEC Master patch points. Or some
other combo that works for you.

When you want Live input without Record Enable, just pop on the
External EDS insert on any channel. You'll get the input, complete with
any other EDS inserts, EQ, FX sends....the whole enchilada just like you
were in Record Ready and Always Monitor Input. If you want to hear
what's already been recorded on that channel as is normal for Paris,
just bypass the External EDS insert.

Brian T

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