Automation in PARIS

User Gantt Mann Kushner on session flow with PARIS automation:

Before getting serious about a mix I’ll rough in all my levels, then take an automation “snapshot”. Then I’ll go thru each track that I figure needs automation and drop an automation point between each phrase – vocal tracks, lead instruments, BG vocals, etc. Then I’ll begin to listen critically for microscopic level changes.

re: Microscopic level changes

I frequently ride the virtual faders w/ my mouse and rough in the fader moves, then I'll expand the track in the automation window, select the "line" tool, set the resolution for 50 or 60 and smooth and fine-tune the levels. It sounds kinda Type "A" but it can really polish a vocal or lead instrument track.

Having a snapshot of all your tracks is also useful for pulling all the tracks back a dB or 2 to buy some headroom as a mix gets louder and louder.
The Automation Editor is a powerful tool for mixers. Automation in an unmodified PARIS rig is limited to [volume, pan and mute?] (although MIDI automation of MiniMixer functions can be added with the use of the PARISMIDI application by AnalogX, opening up new possibilities).

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