PARIS' Original Demos

These demo files were originally included with the purchase of PARIS systems. After ten years, CDs get lost or damaged, and there have been requests over the years for these files. The archives contain both the ppjs and audio files for their respective demo. Right-click on a file's link to download it to your computer.

About The Demo Project.pdf (73 K)
Crop (133.47 MB)
See It My (170.40 MB)

A note on serving these files: it seems to be a reasonable assumption that Ensoniq negotiated the rights for PARIS system owners to use these files long before Ensoniq took the step of distributing them with PARIS systems. Due to the confused situation of the end of the PARIS project at Ensoniq, it's difficult to figure out who to apply to for permission to serve these. On the other hand, it's obvious that these files can only be opened by those who have PARIS systems, since they are in PARIS' proprietary .ppj/.paf format; thus by definition they're only useable by the folks who paid for the rights to use them. Since these demo files were intended to be made available to PARIS owners for educational use on their own systems, and this appears to directly serve that original intent without rendering them useful to others, they'll be available here as a convenience to the PARIS user community until/unless I'm notified otherwise.

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