PARIS Transfer Facilities

Got a critical project in .ppj format with .paf audio files - and no PARIS rig to open it with? The following area is intended to let PARIS users announce their availability to do transfers into other formats for you. No endorsement is intended, this is just a place to connect up people who need a service with people in a position to provide it.

Users offering PARIS facilities: include the following: contact info, FTP (or other) access, physical location if not, and any destination formats supported above and beyond rendered WAV.

Enter your contact information below:

NOR Productions
kg AT kerrygalloway dot com

FTP access both directions. Conversion available to many major destination formats via AATranslator

Dubvibe Productions
dubvibeproductions AT gmail dot com

Dan Burne
daniel _ burne AT yahoo dot com
(Based in London, UK)

Sound Dog Recording Studio
dogster AT tpg dot com dot au
(Sydney, Australia)

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