Synchronization of PARIS with the rest of your digital hardware/software

Users often synchronize PARIS to other hardware and software in order to take advantage of its expanded features.

Synchronization really has three different aspects - digital, positional and musical. There is a staggering amount of scholarly information on these different forms of sync available on the Internet, so this will touch on the technical aspects briefly and concentrate on the question of "how do PARIS users actually set it up and use it?"

IMPORTANT NOTE ON MTC FROM PARIS: Mike Audet has discovered an important quirk between Cakewalk and PARIS - MTC works well at 24fps, but is sloppy at all other framerates. We've not yet run this completely to ground, so we don't know if this is a problem in Cakewalk or PARIS. In the meantime, 1) be aware of this if you're using PARIS and Cakewalk sync'd together and 2) if you're experiencing sloppy MTC sync between PARIS and another app, consider experimenting with 24FPS to see if the issue goes away - and please report your findings on the forum!

Sync PARIS and Reaper with sample accuracy via ADAT sync.

Quick, simple and effective MTC sync between PARIS and an external sequencer (by Midi-Mouse)

...more to come...

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