PARIS Windows

Most of your activity in PARIS takes place in a variety of windows which operate in a slightly non-standards-compliant way (users of Mac and PC have both assumed they resemble the other, but in fact they conform to neither completely). In some cases like the Mixer Window, they are expandable horizontally yet are constrained in height by what is currently chosen to be displayed in the mixer (rather than being standard windows, they are containers for bitmapped images created by Stephen St. Croix).

Having unneeded windows open in PARIS has been occasionally reported to have negative consequences. When you are finished using a window, it's considered good practice to close it.

Accessing the various windows in PARIS is done either by menu, keyboard command, or numerically from the C16.

It is generally considered ergonomically best to familiarize yourself with the latter two methods of accessing windows, which are uncomplicated, economical and - in the case of keyboard commands - easily memorized. The chart on the following page shows the commands used.

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