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UPDATE, Q2 '09:
Due to spammers probing the Wiki, we've slightly changed the process for signing up. It's still automatic, but now there's one small extra step, so check out this thread on the PARISForums to register right away...

UPDATE, Q1 '09: Reaper gets PAF support!!
Justin Frankel's brilliant new DAW Reaper now supports PAFs directly (PAFs created by PARIS PC usable at 16/24/44.1/48; PAFs generated by PARIS Mac OS9 at 16 bit 44.1/48k only). We owe this advance to the stellar work of Reaper developer Xenakios, who created a Reaper extension that acts as a wrapper for libsndfile, an open-source sound library created by audio coder Erik de Castro Lopo, without which this would have been a far harder task. See this thread in the Reaper Forums for details.

UPDATE, Q1 '09:
Announcing the launch of the new PARIS Forums! Synced in realtime to PARIS NG; years of archived PARIS lore plus up-to-the-minute PARIS chat in a forum-style interface. Many new features from email notification to RSS to highly improved searchability. PARISForums

UPDATE, Q4 '08:
Mike Audet's new PARIS drivers are available for purchase for a very modest sum at Mike's website. Added: multiprocessor CPU compatibility/numerous "under the hood" tweaks and improvements; fixed "problems detecting multiple ADAT cards in one MEC under XP", issues with ADAT cards/SMPTE cards, bugs impairing functioning of ASIO. Working on multiprocessor Intel Macs (booted into XP). Go grab them and support PARIS development!

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