Tracking With PARIS

Originally created by John Bercik. Updated and formatted by Kerry Galloway 04/08

A Typical Session Workflow


PARIS setup


Framework for session workflow


Edit the submix to get the correct arrangment of verses, choruses etc....and add markers with labels

Add Real Drums

Sometimes what feels/sounds right isn't exactly ontime here. That's a good thing! Turn off click, then retrack the lead instruments and extra percussion using the new drums with the click OFF.
- Real Drums: Then track the real drums. Cutting and pasting until it is pretty much ontime.
- Vox: Last I do the vox. Groove doesn't mean ontime. It means playing behind or in front of the beat. I like my drum beat to be ontime, but the fills to be loose.
- Once your basic groove is down, only use the click for countoff and cues in places where the beat stops. You can copy your click track and mute one and cut up the other to play in special places or you can cut up the original object because the original segment is always there.

Mixing and Arranging

Mastering and Rendering

Backup / File Management

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