PARIS: Initial Setup and Configuration

Installation and configuration tips by OS:

New!: Setting up PARIS on Win7
Setting up PARIS on Windows XP
Setting up PARIS on Windows ME
Setting up PARIS on Windows 2000
Setting up PARIS on Windows 98
Setting up PARIS on WinNinetyFive
Setting up PARIS on Mac OS 9.x
Setting up PARIS on Mac OS 8.x

PARIS Hardware

Setting Up The C16
Setting Up Multiple EDS Cards
Setting Up Multiple MECs
Setting Up Multiple MECs under PARIS 3.0: Special considerations and workarounds.
Notes on where to install MEC modules


Tweaking PARIS performance through its user-editable text files. Note that you MUST back these text files up before editing them so you have a "safe" copy to return to if things go pear-shaped.

System configuration: editing your Paris Configuration (paris.cfg) file
Look and feel: editing your PARIS' DAT (paris.dat) file
Customizing your FX: editing your (fx.var) file

Setting up a Default Project (Default.ppj) to autoload your customized configuration.

Enabling VST Plugins on PC
Enabling DirectX Plugins on PC
Enabling VST Plugins on Mac
Enabling new third-party EDS plugins
Slaving a MIDI sequencer to PARIS the ol' skool way
NEW: PARIS skins, including a great new medium grey "vintage look" skin for 2008 by Mike Yanoska!

Setting up PARIS for various purposes

Setting up headphone mixes
Setting up talkback
Setting up a "click track"
Feeding PARIS signal from an eight-bus board
Patching external effects processors into PARIS

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